Spreader Truck

Shoring Installation

Retaining Walls
Mt. Scott Professional Center
Portland, Oregon

The Mt. Scott Professional Center is located just south of Johnson Creek Boulevard between SE 91st and SE 92nd. The first phase of development included construction of a single 4-story, steel-frame structure with a footprint of approximately 13,000 square feet.

In addition to construction of the new structure, several geotechnical elements were incorporated into site preparation and development, including Lock-and-Load retaining walls up to 20
feet tall, installation of pile foundations to support the new
building over 20 feet of undocumented fill, cantilevered shoring to accommodate property line setbacks, cement amendment of pavement subgrades and structural fill in the wet season, and evaluation of settlement data following preloading.

GSI completed designs for pile foundations, recommendations for cantilevered shoring, and monitored construction activities including retaining wall construction, shoring installation, pile installation, structural filling, cement amendment, and excavation.